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About Tilia...

The game, bot and website were created by Saphir (Saphir#0001), from an original idea by Miles (miles#6969).
Script and database structure are Saphir's property. No personal data is stored, only the players' Discord user identification number, username and avatar, as visible to all.
If you have questions regarding the bot, bugs to report or suggestions, you can contact Saphir at saphir@tilia.ovh.

The owner reserves the right to change the behavior of the bot or any of its settings at any time, for any reason and without prior notice.

Tilia's awesome artwork was made by golden3point14 (tumblr), Bulbagarden Staff Artist.

Note regarding the spelling of Pokémon names...

The name of the Pokémon must be spelt correctly, in the same way as it is in the games, and be the only content of the message.

There are four exceptions to this, which are listed below.
Case: bUlbAsAUr will work as well as Bulbasaur.
Accent on letter E: Flabebe will work as well as Flabébé.
Apostrophe: Farfetch’d will work as well as Farfetch'd.
Attention - Nidoran: the gender sign MUST be omitted. Only Nidoran will work.