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Trainer's Mailbox


Introducing Tilia V2 "Azumao"

From: Saphir <saphir@tilia.ovh>
To: All Trainers

Hi, everyone!

I think it is time to tell you more about this V2 you might have heard about.

Please keep in mind that V2 is still in its early stages of development, and that not everything here might be implemented by the time it goes live.

The Elaria Region

The name of the region the game takes place in has found a name! There was no Pokémon in the Elaria region, but when people started coming with their Pokémon, some started to appear, and more and more are coming, to the great joy of Elaria's own Pokémon Professor, Ms. Tilia Cordata!

Generation IV

Generation IV will be released at the same time as V2. Players will all be rebased the same way they were when Generation III was released:

  • Corda Balls and any item that can be used on a Generation IV Pokémon will be refunded,
  • any money will then be transferred to the player's Discount Card,
  • any money on the Discount Card will be used first when buying items that cannot be used on a Generation IV Pokémon,
  • Pokémon caught before the release of Generation IV will not be able to evolve into a Generation IV Pokémon (you can check the generation that was the latest at time of capture in the Pokémon's info card).

Tilia's Independence

Tilia will move to another server, with less strict rules for you, and broader possibilities for me. You will have access to multiple channels for trades and other commands, and you might even unlock colors for your name!

Of course, all your progress will be kept. Some Pokémon might still spawn in the Bulbagarden's server, just much less than before.

This server will also have other games for you to play in the future!

Tilia's Forum

A forum (independant from Bulbagarden's) will be at your disposal if you want to set up a trade shop, or for anything you might want a forum for.

You will be able to show a Pokémon's info card or trade Pokémon directly from the forum by linking your account.

You will still be able to do everything from Discord just like before, it's just a little bonus for those who want to use it.

Account Linking

By linking your forum and Discord accounts, you will unlock access to some features on the website, such as buying items directly from the store page, marking or protecting Pokémon directly from your Pokédex page, and even use an item on your Pokémon directly from the website!

Help Command

Those who have been playing Tilia for a long time might remember that the Help command used to give information about items. This feature will be back... But items might not be the only thing you can get information about with the Help command!

Refer A Friend!

You will be able to refer a friend so that both you and them can get some rewards! More details will be given about this in the future.

More Randomness!

You like randomness? V2 will bring even more! You will be able to buy some items for a random result, such as loot boxes that can contain a bunch of items that would have been very expensive bought alone... or they can be empty!

Global Trade System

Looking for a specific species? Put one of your Pokémon up for trade in the GTS and anyone will be able to send you the Pokémon you requested for it, even if you're not online at that time!

You can put as many Pokémon in the GTS as you want! However, each Pokémon you put will be tied to one requested species for it.

This should help you get the specific species you're missing!

Black Market

Need some money? Team Rocket opened an underground place where you can sell your Pokémon for a few Corda Bucks...

Access to the Black Market doesn't come cheap however, and the Team Rocket will make sure to get their cut of any sale that goes through it!

As always, thanks a lot for your suggestions that you can keep coming at saphir@tilia.ovh.

I really hope you'll enjoy this new version, and I can't wait to see you catch Generation IV Pokémon and try out all those new features.

Thank you for your loyalty, and see you in Elaria's tall grass!

Release: summer 2019.

Best regards,
Elaria Pokémon Laboratory.



Fw: The new Pokémon have arrived, Prof.

From: Pr. T. Cordata <tilia@tilia.ovh>
To: All Trainers

Hi, trainers!

It seems that new Pokémon have started appearing!

I hope you can catch them all so that my Pokédex is complete soon, and yours, of course!

Good luck, everyone!

Forwarded message: The new Pokémon have arrived, Prof.

From: Saphir <saphir@tilia.ovh>
To: Pr. T. Cordata <tilia@tilia.ovh>

Hi Tilia!

Just a heads up that the new Pokémon from Hoenn are here, so you can tell your trainers!

Here are a few more information regarding the update...

Regarding duplicates... There's been a change of plans on that matter. The limit is now two for every species/form combination. So trainers can catch two Unown A, two Unown B, etc. and end up with 56 Unown (but good luck with that), but they can't catch three Unown A, for example.

Regarding Redeem Tickets... New tickets have been added to the store. And a bunch of them. Will players put some money aside to try to get the most expensive ones, or will they buy a bunch of Bulbasaur?

Regarding the items people had before... Corda Balls, Evo Candies, Water Stones, Leaf Stones, Moon Stones and Everstones have all been converted to money. All other items have been left untouched.

Regarding the money people had before... After that, all the money has been removed and put on a Discount Card. That money will be used first when people try to buy anything other than the aforementioned items.

I hope everything will go smoothly, but if it doesn't, you know where to reach me.

Have a great night, Tilia!

Best regards,
Elaria Pokémon Laboratory.

Best regards,
Professor Tilia Cordata,
Elaria Pokémon Laboratory.



The calm before the storm?

From: Saphir <saphir@tilia.ovh>
To: All Trainers

Hi, everyone!

I'm sorry for the downtime during my vacation.

To make up for it a little, I gave you all 2,000 Corda Bucks, so you can get back in the game with a bunch of balls!

And now, some news...

Regarding trade evolutions... You will no longer need to ask me to revert a trade evolution, since you can now buy an Everstone just for that! It will only work to revert the evolution of Pokémon that have evolved during a trade. And it only costs 100 Corda Bucks, so no excuse not to use it!

Regarding the species limit... Following Nisanick's suggestion regarding that, another system will replace that hard limit in the future. Basically, the limit would become a soft one which, once reached, will prevent you from catching the Pokémon too soon after it appears, but which will still allow you to catch it eventually if no one else gets to it.

Regarding the release of new generations... (Inventory) When a new generation is released, in order to make it fair to new players and make the Pokédex race more interesting to everyone, money and balls will be wiped. They will be converted into a Discount Card that can later be applied to a Porygon Redeem Ticket (or other Redeem Tickets that may be implemented later). Each player will receive five brand new balls to catch Pokémon. Items will not be converted.
Money: your Discount Card will be credited with 1 Corda Buck per Corda Buck you owned prior to the release of the new generation.
Corda Balls: your Discount Card will be credited with 200 Corda Bucks per Corda Ball you owned prior to the release of the new generation.
Daily Reset Card: your Discount Card will be credited with 35 Corda Bucks per day since you last used your Daily Reset Card (rounded to the closest multiple of 10, maximum 1,000 Corda Bucks).

Regarding the release of new generations... (Evolution) The generation during which a Pokémon has been caught is recorded, and a Pokémon cannot evolve into a Pokémon released in a subsequent generation. Generations I and II are considered a single generation for that purpose. You can check the generation of a Pokémon with the INFO command.

Regarding cheating... Cheating will not give you an advantage here. If you report a bug, I can fix it. If you abuse a bug, I will cancel any advantage it gave you, and sanctions will be taken. Seriously, don't cheat.

Regarding bug reports and suggestions... Just a reminder that you can always report bugs or send me suggestions by replying to this e-mail. Good suggestions might be rewarded!

Again, my apologies for the downtime, I hope you'll keep playing now, and I'll do my best not to have you wait for days before solving an issue next time!